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2018-Aug-02 minutes

Hello group,
Meeting CTO 1902.
Members present: Kathy Dave Gary Will Pam Bert Cap Pennell and Penny
Last month's minutes approved
AUG 7 Penny-including SVECS NET at 8pm
14 Bert
21 Penny
28 Pam
SEPT4 Dave
Treas Rpt: none
Equip Rpt: 70 cm repeater does not pass audio to the 2 m repeater.
Note: Bert repaired the link Aug 7. Thank you Bert!
TYG and AE6KE repeaters are working fine.
We use different our new transceivers at the EOC during our meeting tonight.
Pres Rpt: upcoming activities.
Sat Aug 11: SCC-ARES Training "RDF Search and Locate" mini drill.
8:30-12:30 at Cuesta Park, Mountain View. Objective is to
find lost radios with stuck transmitters.
Sat Aug 18: SCC Quarterly Drill
We will be using our new transceivers.
THURS AUG 30: 10am webinar preparation for Yellow Command.
THURS SEPT 6: Yellow Command Bay Area Wide EOC Exercise.
8:00am-3:30pm at our EOC.
Don't forget to register for these events on the SCC-ARES-RACES website (list of events page).
Also Sept 12-16 Santa Cruz Co Fair. Watsonville.
(see details below)
Training/Edu: club members practiced programming repeaters on our new ICOM 2730 transceivers
New Business: Loma Prieta Mountain Residents Night Out will be
Tues Aug 21. We are getting together resources to have a table at the event. More to follow. Email me if you want to participate.
We also discussed asking 95033 website participants if they would like to join our club. Wonder if they are having a table at Mtn Res Night Out?
Adjourn 2035.

Santa Cruz County Fair Volunteering: Email Clinton Ramer ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join us September 12-16 for the 2018 Santa Cruz County Fair! We will be working with law enforcement, security, medics and fair staff on there respective frequencies and Radios. It is a great event to get disaster training, I like comparing it to doing communications for a small city. Most days start around 09:00 and going to about 00:00. It will be broken into shifts so you can come and work for a few hours and enjoy the fair for free. If this is your first time or 30th time we would love to have your help. This is a great event for Amateur radio recruitment.I know because that is how I got into Amateur radio. If you can work the event or have any interest please please let me know the days and hours you wish to help after I get some basic shifts filled I will let everyone know where the holes are CALL SIGN : LAST NAME : FIRST NAME : PHONE NO. : TEXT : yes no DATES AND TIMES YOU CAN WORK : HAVE WORKED THIS EVENT BEFORE: THANK YOU ! Clint KI6ELJ