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2016-Dec-01 minutes

Dec 01, 2016 LPARC Minutes


  • Bert Bailey, KG6MBA, Vice President
  • Gary Watson, K6PDL, ARES EC
  • John Yontz, KA6HCG, Member
  • Ron Morin, KK6YZU, Secretary
  • Austin Lesea, AB6VU, President
  • Bill Rose, KG6VMX, Treasurer
  • David Katinsky, N2RDT, Member
  • Penny Allen, Member

Austin called the meeting to order at 7:05PM.

Meeting Minutes
Nov. 03 meeting minutes were reviewed and approved

Treasurer’s Report

Bill reported that the club current balance is $840.23 + $195.00 collected in dues at the meeting for a total of $1,035.23

Dues are due at the end of this year: $25.00 individual / $30.00 family


  • 06 Dec16 Bert
  • 13 Dec16 Austin
  • 20Dec16 Dave
  • 27 Dec16 Austin (*)
  • 03Jan17 John
(*) Austin may need a back-up for this date, depending on his availability


  • AE6KE repeater is working fine.

  • After investigating the status of AB6VS repeater, it was discovered that a mouse got inside the VXR-7000 unit and chewed through 3 critical wiring harnesses. 2 replacement harnesses have been located and the 3rd harness will need to be rebuilt from scratch. The projected repair cost is $295.00. Currently the lead time for the parts to rebuild the 3rd wiring harness is not known. The unit is with Red Dog Radios in Louisville, CO.

  • At some point in the future the AB6VS repeater will be renamed to AB6VU – everyone will need to reprogram this repeater into their amateur radios. More information to come.

  • Bert handed out 6 keys to the cabinet in the school building.

  • Bert and John placed the cabinet in the school building and installed the 2 antennas on the roof.

  • Work party request - Dec. 3rd – Saturday, 10:00am, meet at the school at the corner outside of the Gym building1.

    1. Route cables for antennas on roof to cabinet
    2. Set up a packet station and voice station
    3. Start storing equipment in the locked cabinet
ARES EC Report

Gary provided the existing ARES Handbook to Austin who converted it to a format that can be edited and updated.

President’s Report



  • Bert to provide upcoming discussions on: Activation, Call-up and Incident Command System
  • Bert provided a training on Digital Multimeters to the attendees
New Business
  • Nominations for 2017: All positions were approved and will start their new roles starting January.
    • President – Bert
    • VP – John
    • Secretary – Ron
    • Treasurer – Bill
    • EC – Gary
    • Floating Board Member – Dave
    • Past President – Austin

  • Updating AARL Club information – Dave volunteered
  • Updating Net Control script – Dave volunteered

Old Business

  • Issue a new phone tree – Gary volunteered – (in process)
  • Editing and updating the ARES Handbook – Gary volunteered – (in process)


The meeting was adjourned at 07:47 PM.