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2012-Dec-03 minutes

Bill Rose, George Smith, David Katinsky, Charlie Norman, Kathi Larkin, Jennifer Katinsky, Austin Lesa

December 3, 2012 

Burrell CAL FIRE Station 

Open at 19:05 

Meeting minutes from the November meeting were accepted as read. 

Treasurer's Report 

Account balance of $1127.84 

Equipment Status

AB6VS - Equipment is stable, the antenna is down about 15 
feet - David needs to go to pull down the feed line - Austin concerned 
about feed line and hooked up a small mag mount. He requested the feed 
line be pulled down. There is a squelch issue at this moment that needs 
to be fixed. 

AE6KE - Power has been restored and it is now operational. 

PLEASE NOTE - new property owner will allow the repeater to stay in 
place. George supplied a protocol. If you need to go to the site you MUST 
contact the property owner first. Please follow protocol. 

Net control operators for December 2012 - Thank you to those who have 

12/4 Bill Rose
12/11 Kathi Larkin
12/18 George Smith 
12/25 Jennifer Katinsky 
1/1   Jennifer Katinsky


The agreement among those who attended do not want the club to fold. 
(Need to provide more notes) 

Monthly Topic - Club Nominations/Elections are as follows: 

 President - George Smith 
 Vice President - Austin Lesea 
 Treasurer - Bill Rose 
 Secretary - Kathi Larkin

December 3, 2012 elections took place and all in attendance voted for the above slate. 

The LPARC Board for 2013 is 
 President - George Smith 
 Vice President - Austin Lesea 
 Treasurer - Bill Rose 
 Secretary - Kathi Larkin


 No Training for this evening. 

Next Meeting January 3, 2012. 

Motion to adjourn by Charlie Norman 

Meeting closed at 20:15 


2012 LPARC Officers 

David Katinsky - President 

George Smith - Vice President 

Jennifer Katinsky - Secretary 

Bill Rose - Treasurer